My mom made these yesterday. ”No Bake Energy Bites”, over on Smashed Peas and Carrots. (found through pinterest).They are ~130 calories each, according to my calculations on Myfitnesspal (based off of the specific ingredients my mama used). Yes, that sounds like a lot for such a little ball of goodness, but they really are rather healthy. Oats, Flaxseed, Coconut, Nutbutter, and some honey. A smidge of vanilla. They taste like junkfood but aren’t. lets put it that way. Perfect for a sweet-tooth craving. As long as you don’t eat 12. But as an alternative to grabbing a scoop of ice cream or a real cookie I’d say they measure up pretty darn well.There are chocolate chips in the recipe, but I’d think they would be delicious with raisins instead. But I just love raisins a lot. Almost as much as chocolate. So maybe I’m alone on that one. 

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  2. bestbrit said: I made these a week ago and mine were so not ball shapped in the end T_T But they’re SO GOOD unffff making another batch tonight! :D
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